Early-season rankings automatically mean some potential big moves up or down as slumps deepen and hot clubs stay sizzling. Welcome to the reason why our second week invited some big moves up and down the rankings, with five teams making double-digit jumps up — or down. Count the New York Yankees (up 12) and Cincinnati Reds (up 11) among the teams who made a big impression on the electorate, while everyone is now down on the slumping St. Louis Cardinals (down 11) and Toronto Blue Jays (down 12).

But the biggest surprise? That somebody, anybody, might already unseat the defending world champs just two weeks into their reign. But leave it to diminutive Jose Altuve and the Houston Astros to find a way to leave everyone looking up at them on top.

This week’s voters are Jim Bowden, Eric Karabell, Tim Kurkjian, David Schoenfield and Jayson Stark.