For the second time in two years, a swarm of bees decided to attend a Kansas City Royals baseball game.

The buzzing insects gathered in the first row of Kauffman Stadium’s upper deck prior to the Royals’ 1-0 loss to the Cleveland Indians on Sunday. In March 2016, bees delayed an exhibition game between Kansas City and the Colorado Rockies.

The series finale between the Royals and Indians started on schedule Sunday, thanks to the work of Jeff Diekmann.

A member of Kansas City’s grounds crew, Diekmann is also a professional beekeeper. The Kansas City Star published a video depicting the former schoolteacher not only performing a lesson in humanely removing the bees but also offering some bee education along the way.

The most impressive aspect of the whole ordeal was that Diekmann handled the situation without a beekeeper suit — just his usual T-shirt and shorts.

The Royals proceeded to experience an ordeal of their own, as they managed just one hit against the defending American League champs. That stings.