Think about building a house – the foundation is one of the first things that is done! That foundation needs to be poured with care and attention to detail so that it is SOLID.

If not, the house will have issues sooner or later down the road. Plus, if there ARE issues, foundation problems are challenging to fix since it’s below the house.

If the issues are really bad, the house might even come tumbling down. BUT, when the foundation is set correctly, the house will be strong and set for a longer amount of time. and you can continue to build on top of the foundation.

Pitching is the exact same way!

When you are younger, you are pouring your structurall foundation as a pitcher!

If there are mechanical flaws that you don’t tend to and fix, they might not hurt you right away, but they can hurt you later on down the road whenever your body grows.

Poor foundational mechanics can limit your success and growth, especially becuase they are much more challenging to fix when you get older and set in your ways! (muscle memory either works FOR you or AGAINST you).

Do it right from the very beginning! Take your time. Don’t rush. It’s not about being the best pitcher in 10U or 12U, it’s about the long haul.

You will not get recruited to a college becuase you were the best pitcher at the younger levels.

A college coach doesn’t care if you were throwing 50mph at age 10 and were the #1 pitcher.

You will get recruited to a college because you have a solid foundation, you are coachable and you have a foundation that can continue to be built upon.

This way, when you get to college, you have a higher chance of growth and your ceiling is higher for your college coaches to work with you and make you even better!

A poor foundation is limiting, especially when you get older and when the next steps of your career have more importance!

Take the time to focus on foundation NOW by paying attention to the details of every start position and major movement through a pitch!

Amanda Scarborough